Hot chocolate

made in Italy


Elegant counter top dispenser specially designed for mixing and preparing hot chocolate and other hot drinks. Maximum product visibility increases sales and profits. The 3 or 5 litre capacity, shockproof, food-grade polycarbonate bowl can be easily removed even if full. The tap can be completely removed for perfect cleaning. The drink temperature setting can be adjusted with a manual or electronic thermostat. The “gold” and “silver” versions complement the range and can be inserted in highly demanding environments.

Other technical features Available voltages
– Food-grade, 3/5 liters bowls easily removable. – 230V 50Hz.
– Noise level lower than 70 dB (A) – 115V 60Hz.
– Adjustable drink temperature. – 208-220V 60Hz.
– Overload protector. – 240V 50Hz.
– 100V 50/60Hz.