MCT 2.0 KW/1N/230V

MCT 2.0 KW/1N/230V


Rex-Royal S200 MCT

Where there’s coffee, fresh milk must not be lacking. With the “M” version of the Rex-Royal S200, we’ve developed a solution that allows coffee and fresh milk to be purchased simultaneously for the various coffee/milk specialities. The Rex-Royal S200 MCT has been designed, above all, for self-service gastronomy. The advanced Rex-Royal milk system guarantees delicate foam of the highest standard. You can choose from a wide range of fridges as add-on units


  • High-quality, solid brewing unit for up to 15.5 grams of milled coffee per brewing operation.
  • “Double-Shot” function for that “Extra-Shot” espresso.
  • “PerfectBrew” for an optimal extraction of coffee for individual as well as double dispensing.
  • Mains water connection or fresh water tank (3.6 litres) with integrated filter cartridge; drip tray optional with fresh water tank.
  • TouchLight control panel for up to 12 beverages with symbols in clear arrangement, or optional high-resolution, 7″ colour TouchScreen for the programming of up to 24 beverages.
  • Easy operation and care thanks to visual user prompts and automated cleaning.
  • Modular construction of the coffee machine for short intervention and maintenance downtimes.

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